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Housing & Community Development

Housing is a fundamental part of all communities – and a critical part of community development.

Yet the types of housing needed, and the best way to deliver housing to residents, differs due to household characteristics, economic pressures, and community resources.

We conduct customized research to identify our clients’ most pressing needs for housing, community development, and community services. These studies result in data-driven strategic plans that do more than simply “make a dent” or comply with federal requirements.

Our research helps communities make a difference.

Want to know more?

We work for all types of communities.

We have advised clients in all types of communities in the U.S. from rural resort areas, to growing suburban communities, to large metropolitan areas.

Our research “tenure” is long.

We have been conducting housing and community development research for nearly 40 years.

We are nationally recognized.

Our housing team was part of a research advisory group to help HUD develop the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) template and members of HUD’s AFH national training team.


Assessments of Fair Housing: This new approach to fair housing involves a broader assessment of how well residents of all backgrounds can access opportunity. We supplement HUD data with customized maps and data models identifying how economic opportunity could be improved.


Community Development Finance Studies: We have conducted focus groups on Millennial banking preferences, assessed the profitability drivers of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), and analyzed the drivers of housing development cost increases.


Community Engagement: Data and statistics paint a picture of a place, but the stories and experiences of the people who live there tell us what the picture means. For each project, we develop a community engagement plan to guide our efforts. We go to where the people are, and invite them to share their stories and experiences that help shape the place where they live.


Economic Impact of Child Care, Education Services, and Housing Programs: We assess the economic benefits of enabling parents to work through child care provision, the value of post high-school education and training programs, and economic gains communities realize by providing housing choice.


Housing Market Studies: These community-level studies identify gaps in housing provision, determine if affordable housing is equitably distributed in a community, and recommend policy and program changes to increase diversity of housing choices.


HUD Consolidated Plans: Our Consolidated Plan work has taken us to large urban centers in the west, small entitlement communities in the northwest, and remote rural areas for “balance of state” plans.


Strategic Planning for Housing and Community Development: Our housing team members facilitate multi-disciplinary task forces and develop customized, strategic plans with cross-industry buy-in.

Case Studies

Practice Area Leaders

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