2016 Disparity Study:

State of Indiana


BBC conducted separate disparity studies for 11 state entities throughout Indiana including the Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA); the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT); the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA); the Indiana State Lottery Commission; and seven public colleges and universities.


As part of the studies, we used quantitative and qualitative research tools to assess the degree to which minority- and woman-owned businesses participate in each entity’s contracting relative to their availability for that work. We also assessed marketplace conditions throughout Indiana for minorities, women, and minority- and woman-owned businesses.

Community Engagement

Legal Analysis

Policy Analysis

Program Development

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research


Disparity Analysis: BBC observed substantial disparities between the participation and availability of minority- and woman-owned businesses for each involved entity. We also observed various barriers in human capital, financial capital, business ownership, and business success throughout Indiana.


Goal-Setting: IDOA used study information to set the state’s overall goals for minority- and woman-owned business participation. In addition, INDOT and IAA used study information to set their overall goals for DBE participation, per United States Department of Transportation requirements.


Program Refinement: IDOA, INDOT, IAA, and other involved entities considered information related to race- and gender-neutral and race- and gender-conscious measures that they could use to better encourage minority- and woman-owned business participation in the future.

Results At-A-Glance

The chart below presents disparity analysis results for IDOA’s Public Works contracts, to which the entity did not apply race- or gender- conscious measures (such as MBE/WBE contract goals). As shown in the chart, several groups showed substantial disparities between their participation and availability on IDOA’s Public Works contracts (for example, all minority- and woman-owned businesses considered together, Black American-owned businesses, and Hispanic American-owned businesses).

Minority/Woman - 370%

White Woman - 360%

Black American - 440%

Asian Pacific American - 260%

Subcontinent Asian American - 1840%

Hispanic American - 60%

Native American - 890%

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