Questionable Robocalls?

BBC is a small economic consulting and research firm based in Denver, Colorado. Our focus is on Housing and Human Services, Diversity and Disparity analysis, Market research, and Natural Resource economics. We do not make robo-calls. Our company has been victimized by an unidentified firm using our name.

The number that appears on the caller’s ID is not registered to our company and we have no business involvement with whatever organization has misappropriated our name. We have been dealing with this issue periodically since 2014. We have contacted our phone company, the local police, the Attorney General’s office, legal counsel, and of course the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). We are a victim of a practice called “ID spoofing” and we are pursuing all remedies available. We have filed a complaint with the FTC, which has assured us that they will investigate the matter and let us know what, if any, further action we can take.

We have also been advised by the FTC that a complaint must also be filed by the person receiving the unwanted calls. Click here to access the FTC Complaint website.

From this landing page, you can select “Alert: Click here to report someone falsely claiming to be from the government, a business, or a family member” and file a complaint.

In the course of our own investigations, we have also been told that Spoofing is a common and almost impossible to track and control because the technology used to make these calls can be easily purchased at any electronics store. The police informed us that most of these calls originate out of the country and ignore all laws concerning the “Do not call list.” The phone company is the best source to find the perpetrator but in our experience they are generally disinterested in addressing this issue, and will simply refer people to the FTC.  It is crucial that any party receiving these calls file a complaint with the FTC and contact their phone service provider and complain about these calls. The more complaints, hopefully more action will take place.

BBC apologies for any inconvenience this has caused and hopefully the information we have provided can be helpful in settling this matter for all of us. We are available to discuss this situation at any time.