Customer Segmentation:

City of Fort Collins Utilities Department


BBC conducted a comprehensive customer segmentation study to help the City of Fort Collins Utilities Department (Fort Collins Utilities) understand characteristics of their residential and commercial customers; the degree to which they engage in conservation efforts; and what factors motivate their conservation efforts.


BBC based the study on information from a large-scale telephone survey with residential customers and on insights from in-depth interviews that we conducted with key commercial customers. Fort Collins Utilities used information from the study to refine its implementation of its Climate Action Plan, which is designed to help the City achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Customer Segmentation

In-Depth Interviews

Market Analysis

Survey Research


Climate Action Plan Guidance: BBC conducted a comprehensive literature review of conservation programs and plans that other organizations across the country use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water usage. Fort Collins Utilities has used that information to update its own Climate Action plan.


Commercial Customer Segments: BBC identified three segments of Fort Collins Utilities’ commercial customers — Environmentally-Conscious, Environmentally-Flexible, and Cost-Oriented. Fort Collins is using that information to refine its conservation programs to better align with business needs.


Residential Customers: BBC used multivariate statistics to identify five segments of residential customers that differ in conservation efforts, utilities usage, and household characteristics. Fort Collins Utilities is using that information to better tailor its programs to the needs of each segment.

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