Water, Natural Resource & Environmental Economics

Natural resources and the environment are fundamental to local economies and lifestyles throughout the West. Increasing demands and diverse perspectives make natural resource management more challenging than ever. BBC has been working with resource managers to solve difficult resource management problems for over three decades.

BBC works with water utilities, regional and state agencies, and others to help identify water needs, the socioeconomic effects of water projects and transfers, and economically and financially efficient water management options. BBC also works with federal and state land managers to examine the social and economic ramifications from development and regulation of other natural resources, and changes in land management and recreation throughout the Western region, the U.S., and internationally.

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Customized Research and Consulting

We recognize the specific needs of our clients and the distinctive nuances of their situations. We listen, understand, and craft solutions tailored to the specific circumstances driving the need for our services.

Local Understanding

We have worked in large and small communities throughout the Western U.S. and a number of foreign countries. We understand how local economies work and the distinctive economic, demographic, and social characteristics of the places in which we work.

Technical Expertise

We have decades of experience and widely recognized expertise in specific areas of natural resource and environmental economics, including water demand forecasts, socioeconomic impact analysis, resource valuation, cost-benefit analysis, and optimization.


Financial Analysis: BBC has extensive experience analyzing the financial effectiveness and feasibility of new and existing projects ranging from reservoir and storm water systems development to hydroelectric power plants. BBC also has expertise in designing rate structures for water utilities and valuing resources and facilities for resource managers and processors.


Perceptual Research: BBC has conducted numerous surveys and focus groups with residents, businesses, and other stakeholders concerning water and natural resource-related issues. Our perceptual research studies have helped identify conservation practices and opportunities, public values regarding natural resource management, customer perceptions of local utilities, and social impacts from natural resource development and management.


Socioeconomic Impact: BBC has more than three decades of experience conducting successful socioeconomic impact analyses of high profile and controversial projects. We have worked in the third-party NEPA evaluator role with both federal agencies and project proponents on analyses of recreation impacts, minerals development, renewable energy projects, and benefit-cost analysis.


Water Demand Analysis & Forecasting: BBC has been providing reliable and defensible analyses of water use, conservation, drought management, and future water demands for federal, state, and local agencies as well as private sector clients since the early 70s. We use our partnerships with clients and our affiliations with professional organizations to continue finding new, innovative approaches for conducting water demand forecasting and analysis.

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