Merchandise Plan:

Denver International Airport


The Denver International Airport (DEN) commissioned BBC to conduct research related to its concessions program and develop a merchandise guidance plan to inform various concessions-related decisions that the airport makes.


BBC’s research and analysis included insights from various DEN stakeholders including DEN passengers; airline representatives; concessionaires; concessions program administrators; and representatives from peer airports. BBC engaged those stakeholders through different research tasks including focus groups, analyses of peer airports, a S.W.O.T. analysis, traffic volume forecasts, and onsite intercept surveys with more than 4,000 passengers.

Focus Groups

In-depth Interviews

Market Analysis

Statistical Modeling

Survey Research


Concessions Decisions: DEN has used BBC’s research to ensure that stakeholder and passenger insights are reflected in concessions-related decisions. DEN continually uses study information to make decisions about new concepts, improving existing concepts, and how to best meet passenger needs.


Continuous Improvement: Since completing the merchandise guidance plan, BBC has conducted several follow-on projects for DEN related to various areas of the airport’s concessions program including concept selection, improving customer service, and assessing concession performance.

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