Technical Update to
Colorado Water Plan


BBC served as the State of Colorado’s water economy specialist as part of the Technical Update to the Colorado Water Plan led by the Colorado Water Conservation Board. The update published new water supply and demand projections and created new tools to support the Colorado Water Plan. Overall, the update provided substantial improvements to the scope, science, and approach to statewide water supply planning. BBC’s role included developing long-term state, basin, and county population projections under multiple scenarios; evaluating existing water markets and potential enhancements; evaluating public attitudes and values concerning water in Colorado; and examining potential social and economic impacts of future shortages.

Community engagement

Demographic projections

Quantitative research

Water economics


Water planning: BBC’s work provided inputs that helped inform a consistent statewide framework for examining future water supply and demand under different scenarios.


Planning tools: BBC’s work provided tools and data for Basin Roundtables to update their Basin Implementation Plans and develop detailed local solutions to gaps between supply and future demands.