Michigan Department of Transportation Economic Impact of Bicycling


This two-phase project provided insight on the benefits of bicycling to Michigan as a whole as well as for five case study communities across the state. The study analyzed health benefits from bicycling, retail spending on bicycles and bicycle accessories, and spending associated with bicycle-related tourism. BBC also provided details about the value Michigan residents place on access to safe bicycle infrastructure and the key barriers to bicycling statewide.
In the second phase of the study, BBC estimated the out-of-state spending associated with bicycle events throughout the state. The study team conducted more than 2,000 surveys with event participants. Beyond organized bicycle events, the study team also conducted surveys with independent touring bicyclists regarding their use of U.S. Bicycle Routes in Michigan and spending during their bicycle tours.

Transportation Impacts


  • Bicycling contributes more than $650 million to the economy in Michigan.
  • More than 40% of residents place an annual value of at least $100 on the ability to use bicycle infrastructure.
  • The main barriers identified to bicycling in Michigan were weather, safety, and the lack of infrastructure.
  • Non-Michigan residents participating in organized bicycling events are responsible for more than $20 million in economic activity annually.

Survey Results At-A-Glance

Households that reported that someone in their home used a bike for transportation in the last year:

39% of Households

Top Primary Bicycle Types:

  • Road Bike

  • Commuter Bike

  • Mountain Bike

  • Other

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