Resolution Copper Mine
Environmental Impact Statement


The Resolution Copper Mine Environmental impact Statement (EIS) documented the potential impacts from developing one of the world’s largest copper mines near the town of Superior, Arizona. The copper deposit is located in an area with many different values tied to the land, making it important to understand how the proposed project would impact various resource values. The area is important to Native American tribes, recreationists, residents of the town, and commercial and industrial interests. BBC led the evaluation of the baseline social and economic conditions in the project area as well as analysis of the social and economic impacts of the proposed project. As part of our work, we conducted stakeholder interviews with local interests, including emergency service providers, town managers, recreation leaders, and other interested parties. BBC also documented the potential impacts of the project on tourism and recreation values, amenity-based migration, and local property values.

Policy analysis

Qualitative research

Quantitative research

Social and economic impact

Stakeholder engagement


Project feasibility: The United States Forest Service used BBC’s evaluation of the mine’s plan of operations to assess its potential to escape the boom-bust cycle that has historically characterized copper mining in Arizona. The Town of Superior and the proponent negotiated fiscal impact mitigation based in part on BBC’s work.


Impact analysis: The United States Forest Service used BBC’s work on the anticipated social and economic impacts of the proposed mine in conjunction with impact assessments from other resources to evaluate its decision of whether to permit the proposed project.