Gilpin County Comprehensive Plan


BBC, as part of a larger consulting team, provided important economic and fiscal inputs into Gilpin County’s first comprehensive plan. The plan was designed to help the county proactively prepare for future development under a number of different growth scenarios. BBC developed the social and economic baseline and a fiscal impact model for the plan by integrating information and analyses from other disciplines, including natural resources, transportation, and public health and safety. Our work showed that the county’s public finances depend heavily on the gaming industry, which means the county must grow in sync with gaming revenues if it is to develop in a fiscally-responsible manner.

Community engagement

Comprehensive planning

Demographic projections

Fiscal impact analysis

Quantitative research


Promoted community progress: The plan set the tone for progress in Gilpin County while recognizing and honoring the community’s values, including the protection of its mountain lifestyle and natural beauty.


Created synergy between development and finances: BBC’s fiscal impact analysis promoted synergy between Gilpin County’s development potential and market realities to ensure the county’s finances are sustainable no matter what future development may bring.