Social, Market & Customer Research

BBC is one of the premier social, market, and customer research firms in the nation. We’ve helped organizations better understand who their customers are and how best to serve them. We develop customized research to provide our clients with accurate, actionable information that is tailored to meet their needs.

We’ve worked in transportation, government, the arts, retail, and other industries to help organizations assess customer satisfaction and needs; market demand; customer segments; and conditions in relevant markets. Our staff possesses expertise in various quantitative and qualitative research methodologies including surveys, focus groups, customer segmentation, and in-depth interviews.

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Custom Approach

All of our clients have unique research needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to create research programs that are specifically tailored to meet those needs. We collaborate with our clients to fully understand the information that they require. We then build research programs that provide information that will help them make key decisions and move their organizations forward.

Full Service Research

Our staff possesses expertise in project management; research design and execution; data coding, cleaning, and analysis; research reporting and presentations; and consultation around implementing research results. BBC maintains ultimate responsibility for the quality of all research and all project deliverables.

Research Expertise

BBC is widely recognized for our ability to combine complex quantitative analyses with nuanced information from qualitative research. Our research staff have graduate degrees in the social sciences, public policy, economics, and other related fields. We have expertise in survey research, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and other quantitative and qualitative research methods.


Customer Segmentation that accurately identifies distinct segments of customers and non-customers.


Economic Impact Analyses that provide estimates of the financial impacts of events or developments.


Focus Groups that result in candid discussions and rich, qualitative insights.


In-Depth Interviews that provide opportunities for participants to express their views openly and honestly.


Market Analysis that includes key insights about competitors and market trends.


Statistical Modeling that relies on multivariate methods to statistically predict various outcomes.


Survey Research of all types including telephone, online, intercept, and mail surveys.

Case Studies

Practice Area Leaders

Sameer Bawa, Ph.D.

Managing Director
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Iris McClish

Managing Director
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Kevin Williams

Managing Director
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