City of Virginia Beach
Program Development


BBC has served as a long-time partner to the City of Virginia Beach, providing research and advisory services related to the City’s Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) Program, which is designed to increase contracting opportunities for small businesses as well as minority- and woman-owned businesses. Since completing the 2019 City of Virginia Beach Disparity Study, we have been working with the City to develop policies and administrative procedures as well as a program manual to further encourage the participation of SWaM businesses in City contracts and procurements.

Disparity studies

Legal Analysis

Policy Analysis

Process Implementation

Program Development


Supplier diversity policies: BBC helped the City of Virginia Beach establish policies and associated processes related to the use of race-conscious, minority-owned business goals in awarding large construction contracts, including launching a pilot program to test the process on select City contracts. We also helped the City refine other policies to further encourage supplier diversity in its contracting, including enhanced subcontracting policies and reporting requirements.


Staff training and development: BBC trained City staff to implement new supplier diversity policies on future contracts. The training sessions included guidance related to process implementation as well as helping staff internalize the spirit of the program to encourage effective implementation of City policies.


Data monitoring: Since completing the 2019 City of Virginia Beach Disparity Study, we have also helped the City monitor SWaM business participation in its contracts and procurements and have generated semi-annual reports of minority- and woman-owned business participation in City purchases.